San Andres: Who knew Colombia had an island?

Despite geographical location, San Andres and Providencia are in fact Colombian islands although located very close to Nicaragua. Just a quick two hour flight from Bogotá and although it is an ideal destination for Brazilians and Argentinians, San Andres is definitely a must see if ever travelling to Colombia.

San Andres island is considered a National Park, therefore tourists have to pay $100,000 COP (approx. $50 CAD) upon entry at the airport. The island is incredibly small, with nearly everything you need for your visit in walking distance. Also, this country is infamous for its duty-free business. I have never seen so many Pringles, bulk bags of chocolate and Victoria Secret body sprays in my life. Legit, these stores line the streets.

One of the highlights of this adventure was renting a golf cart to tour the island. For an excellent price with gas included, my friends and I had a golf cart for a day and drove all around the island. We found more beaches (of course), delicious water front restaurants, great spots for cliff jumping and even an abandoned ship.

GPExportPhotoAnother amazing spot we visited was Aquario. San Andres is surrounded by several tiny islands and it was tough choice to decide which one to go but I can definitely say we made a winning decision. Aquario was small, more like a sandbar in the middle of the ocean. The water was a pretty turquoise colour and the sand was white. We went snorkelling with all kinds of different fish, my favourite being the blow fish and even manta-rays. Mind you, when I first saw the manta-ray under my feet, I was terrified. But eventually, I gained enough courage to hold one!

Experiencing an island like this was definitely a dream. From soaking up the sun during the day (enough to actually burn my face once) to star gazing while drinking beers on the beach. I finally understand what people mean when they say the Caribbean is absolute paradise.



3 thoughts on “San Andres: Who knew Colombia had an island?

  1. Paul and I have also vacationed on San Andres many years ago. We found it most interesting and even rented a scooter to tour the island on our own. Is the coffin shop still next door to the butchers? Are the ladies still selling pie on the street? It was a fun holiday, that’s for sure.


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