La Fiesta en Colombia

Word on the streets within all of South America is that Colombia is said to have the best night life. Whether that’s limited to Bogota, or expands out to Medellin and Cartegena and other areas on the coast, I’m not too sure yet, but I can tell you one thing: Colombians know how to party!

Very similar to Canada, a typical night out would with start with a pre-drink with a few friends. Indulging in Club Colombia, the local beer and Aguardiente, the local liquor. Aquardiente, also know as “guarro” varies between the regions of Colombia but is the same for the most part. It is a clear liquid that tastes just like black liquorice. The best part though? It’s made without sugar, meaning you can drink as much as you want and you will experience no hangover the next day. It’s awesome!


One of favourite party experiences so far is at a nearby night club called El teatron. It is the biggest night club in all of South America with 4 floors and 13 rooms that each play different types of music from top 40’s, regaton, salsa and techo. For only 45.000 mil COP pesos  (approx. $25CAD), it’s all you can drink. You are given a small blue cup upon entry and can fill it up with whatever you like (guarro, whisky, rum, etc.). Oh did I also mention that it is a gay bar and includes scandalous dance performances? So much fun!

Also, what better way to end off the night with some incredibly delicious and terrible for you, fast food? The hot spot in Colombia is to hit up “El Correl” which is essentially Colombia’s version McDonalds. While yes, Makkers is obviously available here, nothing compares to the Hawaiian burger from El Correl with some curly fries and Colombiana soda.


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