My First Weekend in Colombia: Mind = Blown

Since I arrived on a Friday afternoon, my first experiences of Bogotá consisted of the weekend traditions that I found very similar to back home. For example, every Sunday is ‘cyclovia’, so many streets are blocked off for people to run, ride bikes and roller blade. This is just like summer time in Ottawa.

But this weekend also consisted of many firsts for me. I went to the grocery store for the first time. There is a small grocery store right beside my apartment where I can buy basic fruits and vegetables, snacks and alcohol (kind of like a convenience store or Shoppers Drug Mart).

I also enjoyed my first cup of Colombian coffee. If you know me, you know I don’t drink coffee, but this was really good! It was from Juan Valdez which could be compared to Starbucks, except way better! Some locations have living walls and terraces!

Uber exists here too and I took my first ride all by myself to my friends house who lives in the North. Yes, I was a little nervous at first but the Colombian driver was really kind and we were able to hold a conversation, solely in Spanish.

I am forever grateful that I have met someone as amazing as Camila. She has done so much for me already and I have barely known her a week. She welcomed me into her home and introduced me to her friends and family. Her friend Felipe and her toured me around the neighbourhood and showed me some traditional Colombian features.

The first, a mangostino. It’s a very sweet fruit that has a dark purple shell. You squeeze it to open it and you eat the white fruit inside. It’s a more expensive fruit so this is considered a treat.

They showed me a couple stores, fashion is similar to that in Canada. But as a student, there are 3 things you should look for when you want to buy anything, whether it be clothes or food. It needs to be bueno (good), bonito (pretty) and barato (cheap).

We also went to a restaurant, forgive me but I cannot remember the name of it. But there I tried ‘ajiaco’ which is a traditional Colombian dish that is basically a diluted potato soup that has corn and chicken. You can also add rice, avocado, cream and spices. It was really good! Some restaurant staff were dressed in costume and came to hangout at the table as if it were my birthday. They gave me a sash that reads ‘honoras de la casa’, essentially meaning that I have the honour of the house because I am new here.

I apologize if I have made errors in my writing but I have started to notice that I’m beginning to think in Spanish and sometimes my English falters, weird eh? I also apologize if this blog post doesn’t have the best asthetic but my laptop has decided to not work so I’m blogging purely from a WordPress app on my phone. Lucky me eh? 


One thought on “My First Weekend in Colombia: Mind = Blown

  1. Sounds like you have gotten off to a great start. Interesting pictures and friendly faces. Enjoy your time and continue to keep us posted.


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