Day 1 As An Alumni of Alpha Pi Phi

Today was my 23rd birthday and while it was not a milestone birthday whatsoever, the events surrounding it are monumental as Sunday night I hung up my letters and was granted alum status. Thus, I would like to take the time to reflect on the past few years of my life, as an Alpha Pi Phi sister.

In September 2013, I moved to Ottawa, Ontario to begin my university career. I expected to go to class, get good grades, make some friends and get involved on campus in some capacity, similar to my previous college experience. However, I did so much more. I rushed 4 Panhellenic sororities, not knowing what I was getting myself into. While the other organizations were great in their own ways, nothing, absolutely nothing beats the warm and friendly atmosphere I felt as I walked into my first Alpha Pi Phi meet and greet. These girls were fun, they were kind and they we way to cool to be friends with me (or at least I thought). They were all so incredibly different from programs to backgrounds but blended together perfectly to form the most sought after sisterhood on campus.

My Big Sister and Mentor

I still remember getting the call from Andrea (Epsilon class disguised as a Rho Gamma) that I had received a bid and to attend bid day the next morning. I remember sitting in the Tory Egg with my white envelope, eagerly waiting to open it while scanning the room for similar envelopes, to then running out in the field by Robertson Hall into the arms of my now sisters. That day seems like it was just yesterday.

My Family Line

Since that day, I have been granted the most phenomenal Big Sister and Mentor who has guided me through every aspect of APP and life itself. She helped me earn my letters, encouraged me to run for positions and taught me how to be a big sister myself to my two outstanding Littles. If it wasn’t for my sisters, I would not be the woman I am today nor have the courage to fly across the world for a year. I thank them tremendously for everything that they have done for me.It’s going to be really weird not being an active sister anymore, not attending chapter weekly, nor study hours or philanthropies and sisterhoods. But I know that the girls who remain in the active chapter will take the sorority to new heights, I have the utmost confidence in them.

See you ladies at Senior Sendoff 2018



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