Not Reading in Montreal: Weekend Getaway


As reading week comes to an end, I figure it would be a good time to reminisce about my quick city escape rather than dive back into my responsibilities.

Earlier in the week, my work schedule aligned perfectly with my friend Brooke’s. We took this a chance to go visit his hometown, Montreal, to explore the city and relax after midterm season. I’ve been to Montreal on several occasions before but have always wound up in the same touristy areas. By having a local as my own personal tour guide, I got to see some of the cool hidden gems.

Before I continue, please know that I do not speak French very well and I may butcher the spelling of some locations. Maybe I’ll get Brooke to proof-read for me..

We arrived early afternoon to his beautiful home in downtown Montreal and quickly ran over to get our Metro passes. Growing up in the suburbs, subways and metros were never really a thing, I even rarely took the bus as my parents were always available to drive my siblings and I. Taking the Metro was pretty fun and it got around Montreal really quickly. We explored Old Montreal, saw the big Notre-Dame Basilica in the middle of town and checked out the water. We then hit up Swartz’s for a traditional smoked meat sandwich for lunch! Note: There are no pictures from that as it was probably one of the messiest things I’ve ever eaten.

The next day we hiked Mont Royal (and when I say hike, I mean we walked along the paved path – not breaking out the hiking boots until I’m down south). We also climbed all 277 steps to Saint Joseph’s Oratory! Legend has it that if you got to the top on your knees, were in a wheelchair, on crutches, etc., Saint Joseph would heal you and you would be able to walk back down.

We then indulged in some Montreal famous poutine at la Banquise and St. Viateur bagels with my friend Darielle before heading back home. Although the trip was short, it was very sweet and I cherish opportunities like this.


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