Lobster over Turkey: Thanksgiving in Halifax

This year for Canadian Thanksgiving I got an incredible opportunity to fly out to the East Coast with my Dad to visit my brother and explore Halifax, Nova Scotia.

My brother is in his third year at Dalhousie University and unfortunately due to my involvement at my own school, I’ve never had to chance to go out there to move him into residence, his house or even visit. Safe to say I was really excited for this trip and to see what my Dad had planned for the long weekend. Read on to find out the trip highlights!

First day in consisted of walking the waterfront (Dad loves the water and insisted on walking along the water to get anywhere in the city) and checking out the Bluenose Restaurant for some delicious breakfast!

Next up was picking up my brother and driving out to visit Peggy’s Cove, apparently one of the most picturesque places in the world. Peggy’s Cove was beautiful, a small area home to only 33 inhabitants year round. There were fisherman selling live lobster and dozens of tourists climbing all over the rocks as the weather felt more like spring. Before heading off to our next destination, we popped into the neighboured diner for what Dad claims to be the “best clam-chowder in Halifax”, not going to lie but it was pretty good.

Next stop was Lunenburg, a port town on the south shore where the buildings were painted bright colours and almost every store sold salt water taffy. We even got an opportunity to snap a pic with the Bluenose itself and indulge in some local craft beer (my greatest vice).


Day One was then completed with an amazing lobster dinner at a restaurant on the water called Saltys. Wouldn’t mind trading in the turkey every year if I can get a lobster instead!

Day Two was all about parking the car and putting on our drinking hats! We visited to breweries, the first Garrison. This brewery had a great selection of unique brews and a delicious raspberry flavoured beer! Unfortunately Dad is very much a “Coors Light Only Guy” aka he likes to drink toilet water, so he couldn’t choke back the IPA’s, but at least he got a picture of his flight so he could at least pretend he was cool.

We then toured the Alexander Keith’s brewery. Overall, fantastic tour which offered a lot of historical facts, beer samples and even a musical show at the end. The coolest thing was the guest sign in book at the front entrance filled with signatures of people from all over the world who had visited the brewery. It only had names from earlier this year, but the book was almost 3 quarters full.

The remainder of the trip consisted of enjoying each others company and exploring other parts of Nova Scotia such as Cole Harbour, Luxembourg Beach and the university campus itself. Despite not being able to go home to see other relatives, it was the perfect little holiday and I’m glad I got to go somewhere new!



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