The Hashtag is Here

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-2-52-29-pmAfter several months of tossing and turning, trying to come up with the ‘perfect’ hashtag to link the upcoming photos and blog posts of my year-long exchange (because everything needs a hashtag), I have finally figured it out!

Starting immediately, I will be using the hashtag #CharOnAWhim on all social media posts related to travelling. In the next few months as I prepare to move to South America for 2017, I will be posting about preparation (obviously), how nervous I am (I may pee myself) and honestly anything else I find relevant.

You will be able to find my blog posts on the Sprott School of Business website, with some very basic information, but the juicy stuff will be posted here on my blog, Char On A Whim.

Why #CharOnAWhim?

I played around with several options, possibly linking it to my major, or Colombia (my soon-to-be home itself) or even something that rhymed, however nothing really stuck. I had initially settled for ‘Girl On A Whim’ because well, I’m a girl but it still wasn’t doing it for me. It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago when I attended a world grad school fair that a friend of mine mentioned a mutual friend of ours and her hashtag for her exchange years ago, which featured her name in it. AND I LOVED IT!

The Whim though?

By definition, whim is an odd or capricious notion or desire; subject to unpredictable change. Throughout my life, as many people have, I’ve made plans for my future whether it be something I plan to do next week or next year and sometimes things just simply don’t work out. I am also notorious for changing my career goals, somedays I want to be a professor while other days I want to be a CEO. By moving to another continent for a year, where I have the opportunity to fully emerge myself in another culture, I can only imagine how I might change. I can only imagine what career goal I will have next.

Thus ‘Char On A Whim’ was born.

I look forward to sharing all my stories with you.


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