When it’s named after you…

Last night after the Hopped and Confused concert hosted by Mill Street Brew Pub, my boyfriend, his father and brother and I stumbled upon a bourbon bar in the Byward Market (and by stumbled I mean Cody dragged us there as he was determined to take his bourbon-loving Dad to see this bar).

Hooch was clearly not a popular spot when we arrived, perhaps it was due to the time of night, the crummy weather, or the high cost of drinks, but it was definitely a gem. It had a unique vibe, one would describe as rustic-chic, that I compared to something you would find in downtown Toronto, with wooden decor and bourbon bottles on display.

What really got my attention though was the cocktail list. Exquisite drinks with fresh fruits, all house made. Even better? There was a drink with my name! Death of Charlotte was my drink of choice (I had to try it obviously) and it was delicious!

While Hooch is known for their bourbon (me not being a bourbon drinker definitely cannot  attest), I would definitely recommend checking out this nestled bar next time you’re looking for something new.


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