Why It’s Important to Get Involved on Campus

I remember in my first year at Sheridan College, I would drive 20+ minutes to attend my 3 hour lecture and if I had no other classes that day, I would drive back home. I barely spent any time on campus and made friendships with only those I sat beside in class. I wasn’t creating those lifelong bonds that you always hear about, nor was I gaining any relevant experience or learning new skills. I knew something was missing and that my student career was a still a blank page of what was supposed to be a new chapter of my life.

Sheridan Student Union executives and volunteers at Frosh Week 2012.

In my second year, I obtained the position of Vice-President of Clubs and Services, an executive role for students at Sheridan Student Union. By holding this position, I learned how to plan and implement a campus wide event, how to organize volunteers, and I established a network amongst students, faculty and staff. That blank page was finally beginning to fill itself and I swore that when I continued my studies at Carleton University, I would continue to be actively involved on campus.

SIBA Exec 2013-14
Sprott International Business Association executive team 2013/2014.

I am now preparing to enter my fourth year of university and I can proudly say I’ve added several chapters to the massive novel that is my student career. I’ve held multiple positions each year, I’ve created a strong professional network amongst professors and university staff, and I’ve made friendships that will last forever. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for getting involved, I would not have the skills and talent that I do today nor would I be the same person. The Student Experience Office at Carleton University, where I had the pleasure of working due to my involvement on campus, has a the saying “Get Involved, Get Recognized” and based on my time as a student, this has proven to be 100% accurate.


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