What Greek Life is Really Like

For years, fraternities and sororities have held a negative image amongst society due to the negative ways in which movies portray them.  But did you know, nothing is ever ‘like the movies,’ especially  greek-life.

While many greek organizations are more prominent in the United States, greek-life in Canada is growing rapidly and I’m proud to be a member of the first sorority to be established in Canada that has now merged south into the United States.

Alpha Pi Phi titled Top Sorority for raising the most funds for Relay for Life 2013.

In Fall 2013, my first semester at Carleton University, I was initiated into the Theta class of Alpha Pi Phi Sorority’s alpha chapter. I chose Alpha Pi Phi because these girls made me feel welcome, they were genuine, and they encouraged me to be the best version of myself. Not to mention, these girls were incredibly cool and I couldn’t imagine not being friends with them. Alpha Pi Phi upholds four main pillars: Leadership, Academics, Sisterhood and Philanthropy. The sisters believed that I embodied the qualities to exceed in each of these areas and my mentor (known as my Big Sister) has guided me every step of the way to help me achieve them.

Since initiation, I’ve held the position of Social Media Chair, which lead me to create a new website and operate all social media platforms. I’ve been the Sr. Recruitment Chair, responsible for planning and implementing a three-week event calendar to obtain new members and grow our organization. Finally, for the upcoming year, I am the Membership Development Officer, sitting on the executive council and overseeing the recruitment and sisterhood chairs.

From left: Me, My Big Caitlin and my Twin Lauren

As a sisterhood, we’ve raised over $10,000 to build a school in Nicaragua. We sponsor a child in Sudan and actively fundraise throughout the school year for multiple organizations including but not limited to the Alzheimers Society, Canadian Cancer Society and Movember. My sisters are some of the smartest women I know, maintaining exceptionally high GPA’s, pursuing masters programs across the world, even starting their own businesses.

Now if you ask me, that doesn’t seem bad at all does it? Am I busy? For sure I am! I’m busy every day of the week, but my sisters have taught me how to time manage to the highest degree. Being in a sorority has enhanced my university life in ways I never thought possible and I can’t imagine not wearing these letters.

It’s important to note that many leaders in todays society whether they be politicians, successful business professionals, or celebrities, many of them were in Greek organizations while completing their undergrad and all for the same reason: to enhance their university experience in the same way that I described.



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