Located in Bogotá, Colombia

Hi there!

I’m Charlotte, a soon-to-be business graduate with a flair for identifying consumer needs across borders and a passion for giving back to my community. I’m a to-do list advocator, craft beer enthusiast (Collective Arts is my favourite!) and self-proclaimed maven of adventure.

bogotaI’m currently completing my degree in international business and marketing from the Sprott School of Business but with a bit of a twist; I’m finishing it on exchange in Bogotá, Colombia (how cool right?) I will be returning to Canada in December 2017 to begin my career, reconnect with family and friends, and of course readjust to life back home.

Although I’m unemployed during my time in Colombia, I’m definitely keeping myself busy (with travel of course! and yes…school too…) But also, this past Spring I was elected as the 2017/2018 International Vice-President of Development and Expansion for my sorority, Alpha Pi Phi. I’m responsible for seeking and mentoring growth opportunities throughout North America, while working with a cohesive team to develop solutions for the betterment of our organization.

I created this personal website because it allows me to express my creativity so much more than an average resume and while living abroad for a year, I figured I might as well share some stories!

Look around, learn about me and feel free to reach out!